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Vampires, Lycanthropes, Angels, Demons, Magic… They are all real and they wage a war as old as civilization itself. It is a conflict hidden from the eyes of mortals, fought in the dark places unseen by society. Two sides struggling to determine the fate of the world. One seeks to bring about its destruction, to fulfill a prophecy, while the other seeks to maintain the current order of things, for better or worse.

Few mortals know the whole truth about this world. About how Lycanthropes and Vampires were created to wage an ancient war on Earth by the Divine and the Fallen. That magic still exists but that the price for using it is high and must be paid for in blood. And that dark things walk amongst us, carrying out the will of their masters.

This is the universe of World’s Reflection. Where legend and myth are real but not always what we believe them to be.



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