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Well, I did it.  Got the domain purchased and started constructing the website to house the information about this universe that I began creating 8 years ago.  Originally it began as a short story about werewolves in modern times.  They weren’t the uncontrollable beasts typically portrayed in the movies, but protectors of humanity.  Working to protect the world from all the bad things out there.

That original short story never went anywhere because I hit a point where I had to sit down and figure out how the Vampires existed and worked in my world.  This led to a larger question about how did they come about?  For that matter how were the werewolves created?  If werewolves (I started calling them Shifters) and vampires exist why can’t other things exist as well.  That’s when I stumbled on this idea of what if ‘Angels’ created them?  After all many religions believe that the ‘Angels’ had a war and that they were split into two factions.  But I didn’t want to call them ‘Angels’.  I wanted them to be more than that, something different.  I wanted a hint of religious overtones just so readers would inject their own imagery and beliefs into them to begin with.  But my goal was not to write religious supernatural stories, my goal was to create a world with familiar elements but with a bit of darker truth to them.

I’ll post more about my world building later because this post is just to get things started.  Hard to believe that its been 8 years though.  But here is it is.  Finally…



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