Journal of a Divine

We were the Creator’s first children.  Born of the energies that bind the universe together.  Aether, the energy of creation.  Orenda, the energy of life and change.  Cherem, the energy of destruction.  We were created to be perfect, loyal, and obedient, but the Creator discovered that we were too perfect to inherit the universe.  We lacked free will and the creativity to evolve.  So he created other children until finally he created mortals, those who call themselves human beings.  They were weak and flawed, but that weakness gave them something we did not have.  Choice.

The Creator charged us with protecting and guiding his new children, but we could never interfere with their free will.  He decreed that should his children destroy this world, he would return to rebuild it, and then he left us.

For centuries we watched as the Creator’s children grew, watched as they evolved and learned about the world around them.  Though they were weak they possessed marvelous minds and a creativity that we lacked.  We grew envious of them and began mimicking their form, walking among them, learning and experiencing life as they did.  We hid our true forms from them, but many of us changed during our contact with them.  Some fell from the light of the Creator’s plan.  They wanted what the mortals had, and they waged war to obtain it.  This was the Schism, the Shattering War, the War that divided us, and it was the War that made the mortals aware of our presence.

They called us angels, demons, and gods as we fought.  Many of us defended the Creator’s children, and the others fought to seize it for themselves.  It was then that we discovered that we gained power from the attentions of the mortals.  Their convictions fueled our songs, vibrated in the core of our souls, and in many ways changed us.  The Fallen grew drunk on this power, seeking out believers, worshippers, and even sacrifices.  We preferred the faith.  We taught the mortals about the Creator, encouraged them to follow his plan, to have faith, and we used that faith to fight our siblings.

Before the Shattering War we thought ourselves to be invulnerable.  But the War proved otherwise.  Our himsati, our true form, could injure and destroy others of our kind, but it was Rogziel who discovered orichalcum.  Mortals knew it by many names, hepatizon, tumbaga, Corinthian bronze, shakudo, but they were all the same to us.  Our voice, our songs amplify the metal, making it deadly to our kind.  Mortals could use weapons made of orichalcum to injure us if their faith and belief was powerful enough.

We are immortal but not in the way mortals believe.  Our physical forms can be destroyed leaving behind our voice and our spirits are banished into the Reverie within the Reflection.  But our bodies can be reformed given time and the faith or worship of mortals.

The Fallen were defeated, but because we are immortal the best we could do was imprison them.  Some escaped to the realm of mortals and it is there that we trapped them, destroying many of the gates that connected the realms together and diligently guarding the few we needed.  For a while peace existed as the Fallen hid.  We did not know that they were biding their time and rebuilding their strength.  Some learned to tap into other realms drawing from them minions to do their bidding, but these Fiends were weak and uncreative, lacking the emotions and passions that drove our human charges.  Time passed and we watched as the mortals advanced and slowly their faith waned.  But we had learned that we were not trapped by our perfection.  That we were only restricted and not shackled as we once believed.  Mortals became our inspiration and gave us ideas and reasons to explore beyond this world.

We underestimated the Fallen and believed them to be powerless.  Many of us began spending less time among the mortals, instead traveling between the realms and beyond.  When we were at our weakest, our siblings acted.  Gone were the plans to seize what mortals had, now the Fallen wanted the Creator to return.  They began subverting and corrupting mortals, pushing and conniving the influential, plotting and planning in hopes that the mortals would destroy their world and fulfill the promise of the Creator.  The Unseen War had begun.

Those of us who were left knew we were not powerful enough to stop them alone, but our experience with mortals had taught us that they had grown and evolved.  Though still frail in body they could possess an indomitable will and determination.  We decided that mortals needed to be able to fight for themselves, to defend their way of life from the Fallen.  To this end Briathos selected a handful of mortals and taught them about us and our Fallen siblings.  They took up the War against the Fallen but soon began to see little difference between us.  Eventually they used Briathos’ knowledge against him and destroyed his physical form, betraying everything that he had taught them.  They called themselves the Advent and vanished into human society.  We have since watched them grow and plot, fighting against anyone they do not consider human.

So Adonai, one of the seven greatest of us, proposed that we give mortals the ability to fight the Fallen.  He selected the first of this new Bloodhood, kissed them and gave them a himsati form.  Haziel granted the first the Sight so that they could see through the guises of the Fallen.  Marmaroth made them immune to the threads of fate and destiny. And Jeduthun sacrificed himself to give the first a spark of our power, granting them a Voice.

In retaliation the Fallen Belial created the first vampires to be their terrestrial agents.  Humans taken and corrupted, drained of their Orenda.  They were stronger than Fiends and still carried the creativity and will of the humans they were created from.  But in order to control them Belial cursed them with an unquenchable thirst for life.  In the beginning this served as enough to keep them subservient and so other Fallen soon did the same, but none were willing to sacrifice themselves to give the Vampires a Voice for fear that their creations would seek to overthrow them.  Time amongst the worst of mortal society corrupted our Fallen siblings.  Their voices became discordant and fractured and few of them trust each other.  Thankfully they fight each other as much as they fight us.  Some of them are content gathering power in the mortals’ realm, while others search for a way to return to our realm.

Later the Vampires they created evolved and learned.  Without life they could not use Soul magic as the humans did, but soon the more powerful ones developed Blood magic and with it gained a valuable and dangerous weapon.  With it they became less and less dependent on their Fallen masters, learning how to deceive, trick, and tempt their prey.  And what the Fallen feared the most happened, their creations rebelled.  Now many Vampires are neutral players in the Unseen War, causing the Fallen to seek out other minions to serve them.

There are few of us left with any connection to this world.  With each passing decade the number of truly faithful dwindle and with them much of our power.  Fortunately the Bloodhood have done well protecting the mortals and ensuring that the Fallen are held at bay.  Our own children, the Anakim, assist where they can, but they are few in number and serve as simple advisors to both the Bloodhood and the mortals, though most mortals are not aware of their nature.  The Fallen have children as well, the Rephaim, but they are weaker, diluted in power because of their numbers.  They are also twisted by the beliefs of their sires’ and few can pass for ‘human’ without magic to assist them.

The Fallen have tried many times to bring about the Apocolypse.  Dantanian, who was a cunning and charismatic Fallen, very nearly succeeded when he turned and later sub planted Adolf Hitler in the mortal year 1933.  Dantanian soon attracted other Fallen to his cause as the possibility of triggering the Apocolypse increased as World War II began.  The millions of humans killed during the Holocaust created vast stores of essence that he used to bring back other Fallen from the Reverie, giving them new physical forms in return for their support in the Second Great War.  What was left he used to try to open a new gate to our realm, but our children foiled his plans and slowly the Fallen began to slip into in-fighting again opening the way for the Allied powers to win.  Dantanian survived, though saw his power base destroyed.

The fate of the world hangs in the balance, always tittering on the brink, one step away from plummeting into the abyss and the darkness of the Apocolypse.  The determination and strength of a few constantly hold the Fallen and their minions at bay.

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