Those eternally cursed souls.  Those who thirst for the blood of the living.  Though the first Vampires were created by the Fallen Belial, they have become so much more than originally conceived.  Over the millennia the abilities and diversity of the Vampire has proven itself.  Like Shifters the adaptability of humans has influenced the evolution of the Vampire.  Some believe that genetics has an effect on Vampirism which would explain the predominance of some types of vampires in certain geographical areas.  The more religious feel that cultural and religious beliefs can affect those that are turned.  In truth they are all correct to a certain degree.

How the Vampire was turned can effect the resulting type the victims turns into as well as the type of blood consumed in the first few years is important.  Magi who are turned often become Moroi, a type of ‘living’ vampire that feeds on life essence in the purely energy form they utilized when alive.  They do not need to consume new blood because they do not burn their own blood when using magic, but rather their blood cells cease to function until they drain more life essence from another victim.  While they retain most of their abilities to cast traditional Soul magic, they never gain the ability to use Blood magic since they are not actually consuming blood.  The Strigoi have adapted to the poverty of eastern Europe in order to survive.  They are hardy Vampires with great control over their physical bodies and better control of their blood lust, but feeding on animal blood and the lack of regular feeding often gives the Strigoi a very animalistic appearance.  Another type of Vampire is the Soucouyant.  Believers in voodoo also call them witch vampires, but the Advent call them Skinweavers.  All known Soucouyants are female and all prefer to hunt female humans.  The Soucouyant has the ability to shed its own skin and through the use of Blood magic turn into a being of energy in order to pass through physical barriers to hunt its prey.  In addition if the Vampire completely drains her victim she is able to take the skin to change her appearance.  However, the Soucouyant must return to her original skin for at least one full day every week.

The original Vampires created by Belial and the other Fallen have no weaknesses other than an extreme sensitivity to sunlight.  However, Vampires who were turned by other Vampires began demonstrating a variety of weakness which are mostly driven by beliefs the victim held while living.  A very religious person who is turned might have an aversion to the symbol of their old faith.  If someone was allergic to particular food such as garlic then that allergy would also haunt them as a Vampire.

Vampires can be destroyed but doing so can be extremely difficult and requires doing enough physical damage to overcome the Vampire’s ability to regenerate.  The more ‘blood’ the Vampire has consumed recently the harder it is to kill them.  When a Vampire has not fed for a long enough period of time their bodies fall into a state of suspended animation.  In this state they are highly vulnerable, but the body will animate for brief periods of time if it senses a blood source from which it can feed.  This is an instinctive function and drives the body into a frenzy in an attempt to feed and rejuvenate the Vampire’s body.  The myth of a stake through the heart is only partly true as it paralyzes the heart and prevents blood from being moved throughout the Vampire’s body.  Once the stake is removed the heart regenerates.

They were once the Chosen warriors of the Fallen.  Strong, fast, and tough – easily created and humans were numerous enough that the Fallen often viewed them as expendable.  However, these first Vampires had no access to magic or supernatural powers beyond those physical ones they possessed.  The Fallen feared that giving them access to powers such as the Voice would give their creations the power to one day destroy their creators.  As centuries passed and more Vampires were turned rather than created, human adaptability changed Vampires and they gained greater abilities.  Though they never rose up against their Fallen masters as was originally feared, they did become strong enough that many broke away from the Fallen to follow their own selfish goals.

There is no organization to the Vampires.  Some are neutral in the conflict between the Divine and the Fallen.  Others choose to remain with their Fallen masters.  Small groups of them have banded together for protection or to expand their influence over a larger area.  The motivations, alliances, and feuds are as varied as human nature itself.

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