The Advent

Free Masons, Illuminati, Jesuits.  Conspiracy theories and stories of plots and agendas to take over the world or instigate a new world order have echoed down throughout human history.  The truth is there is only one secret society, a group that has driven and guided the world for centuries.  They have influenced religion and governments around the globe.  But their goal is not world domination but simply to protect humanity.

When the Fallen first began to reappear within human civilization the Divine realized that they could not oppose them with their current numbers.  The remaining Divine decided that humanity needed to be able to protect themselves from the machinations of the Fallen.  Briathos and Hofniel organized the first members of the Advent and taught them, but hid the truth about the Fallen and the Divine, instead teaching them about how to defeat the Fallen’s minions.

After a decade Briathos lost control of the organization when the Divine Hofniel fell and revealed the truth to the Advent’s Inner Circle.  Learning that they were being controlled by the very thing they had been taught to fight enraged the mortal leaders and they rebelled.  However, the Advent Inner Circle was eventually infiltrated by the Benei Ha’Elohim who have led the Advent since.

For centuries the Benei Ha’Elohim did not reveal to the rest of its members about the true existence of the Divine and the Fallen, but simply guided them against them.  However, as the Unseen War has escalated slowly they have found it harder and harder to hide their existence.

Throughout history the Advent have maintained their greatest presence in the most influential countries around the globe.  Currently the highest concentration of the Orders is in the United States and Europe and smaller groups in the Middle East and the old Russian states.  With the growing importance of the Far East they have also turned their attention to China, Korea and Japan.

The Advent itself is led by an Inner Circle who are called the Benei Ha’Elohim and consist of 21members.  They never gather together nor do they meet face to face.  Most of them do not know the identity of the others to protect the leadership of the Advent.  Organizationally the Advent is divided into Orders, each with a specialty.  There are few permanent teams of Advent agents, most are constructed for specific missions and assignments and then disbanded afterwards.  In many other organizations this would be a very inefficient structure, but for the Advent they are all bound by one common belief.  The protection of humanity and civilization.

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