The Inner Circle

The most powerful men in the world aren’t the leaders of the first world nations.  They are the Inner Circle of the Advent.  No one knows who these twenty-one individuals are or where they live.  They never meet face to face and never gather in one location.  Yet they lead the most influential organization in the world.

The Benei Ha’Elohim are the Watchers.  Who the Benei Ha’Elohim are is a subject of much debate among mortal Theologists.  But the truth is that the Benei Ha’Elohim were originally Nephilim, the off spring of a Divine or Fallen and a mortal woman.  They followed Hofniel to the mortal plane in exile, betraying the Divine in the process.

Hofniel disagreed with the Divine’s belief in non-interference with mortal civilization felt that they need assistance and guidance to become what the Creator had hoped they would become.  When the Fallen reemerged after the Shattering War and the Divine did nothing to actively oppose them, Hofniel gathered others who felt as he did, the sons and daughters born during the peace.  He aided Briathos in creating the Advent before entering self-imposed exile along with 200 Nephilim.

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