Order of the Observants

The Order Observants are the eyes and ears of the Advent.  They are inconspicuous field agents whose primary task is to observe and report.  While they are capable combatants, they are typically not equipped to handle most inhumans beyond the typical Vampire and Shifter.  Unlike the Orders of the Sworn and the Aegis, Observants are typically armed with readily available non-military weapons.

Observants are often recruited from investigators and detectives who have already come in contact with inhuman influences.  They must be highly skilled in investigative and observational techniques as well has possessing skills in deductive reasoning.  This means that many Observants operate with the real level of authority.  Should an Observant or team of Observants need backup, they can call on the Sworn or Aegis Orders to assist them.

Of all the Orders the Observants come into contact with inhumans the most and are also the most likely to become compromised.  Because of this the members of this Order are often closely monitored by the Moirai.

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